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I.  Objective

Section 1         Sequoyah High School Cheerleading Booster Club is created to support the cheerleaders and cheerleading coaches at Sequoyah High School. The Head Coaches will assume the responsibility of making sure that the program stays within the guidelines outlined in the Cherokee County Athletic Handbook.

Section2          The head cheerleading coaches are ultimately responsible for the booster club. Head coaches will establish the program mission, identify program needs and direct booster club activities. The head coaches will develop booster club meeting agendas and facilitate the meetings. No booster club meetings will take place and conduct official business without the presence of a head coach.

Section 3         No activity, program or policy of this booster organization shall be employed to influence or control the cheerleading coaches.

II. Membership

Section 1           Any person who is interested in the objectives of the organization shall be eligible for membership.

Section 2           Booster Club general membership dues shall be determined annually by the Executive Committee. Dues may vary from sport to sport depending on program needs and cost of operation. In the event of a hardship, the Executive Committee has the right to waive any and all Booster Club dues.

III. Officers and Duties

Section 1            The Sequoyah Cheerleading Booster Club will consist of a President, 4 Vice – Presidents (Football, Competition, Basketball, and Junior Chief representatives), Secretary, and Treasurer. Any exception to this must be submitted in writing to the Athletic Director for approval.

If a sport wishes to add positions to the Booster Club, such as concession director or fundraising director, written approval must be received from the Athletic Director.

Section 2           The head coach(es) will solely be responsible for appointing the position of president, vice-presidents and treasurer. If no one will assume the responsibility of the position of president, then the head coach will preside as the President of the organization. Booster club members shall vote for the secretary.

All positions will be annually for a term of one year. No Executive Committee member can serve in the same capacity for more than four consecutive terms.

Section 3            The Executive Committee shall consist of the Head Coaches, President, Treasurer and Secretary. All other positions of the organization will not be recognized as the “Executive Committee.”

Section 4           Booster club members, provided consent of the nominees has been secured, shall make nominations of the officers from the floor. Only members of the Booster Club are permitted to nominate or accept any position on the Booster Club.

Section 5           Elections should be held at either the first booster meeting of the year or the final booster club meeting of the preceding year.

Section 6           A quorum (3/4ths) of the Executive Committee shall have the authority to transact business between meetings.

Section 7           The Head Coach with approval of the Principal, has the right at any time to replace a member of the Executive Committee, including the president, he/she feels is detrimental to the success of the program with the agreement of the Principal and Athletic Director.

Section 8           The Principal, at any time, has the authority to replace/remove members of the Executive Committee or dissolve the Booster Club all together.

IV. Duties of Officers

Section 1           The President shall preside at all meetings of the organization and the Executive Committee, appoint special committees, report on any matters that may be of importance to the organization and serve as a member of all committees. The President, along with the Treasurer, will have access to financial accounts.

Section 2           The Vice-President(s) shall act as an aid to the President and shall perform duties of the President in their absence.

Section 3           The Treasurer shall receive all funds of the organization, keep accurate record of receipt and expenditures, and make disbursements in accordance with the approved budget as authorized by the organization.


                          Each head coach will create an itemized budget (not to exceed CCSD limitations) for each team prior to any payments being collected for the upcoming season. Each team’s budget is to be presented and approved by the majority of the Executive Committee.

The Treasurer is responsible for presenting, in writing, itemized records of all debits and credits to the booster club monthly; these itemized records are to be submitted to the athletic director’s secretary by the 15th of each month. The Treasurer shall deposit all checks/cash within 48 hours of receipt. All payments (cash or check) should be receipted promptly.

                          The Treasurer shall submit a proposed fundraiser schedule and an itemized accounting of financial activity at the beginning and end of each season to the Head Coach, Principal, and Athletic Director.

  The Treasurer shall report on the financial status of the organization when requested at meetings of the general membership by a member of the Executive Committee.

  The Treasurer will also submit the following documents each year to the Head Coach, Principal, and Athletic Director: (1) a proposed annual budget for the year and (2) a final annual financial report, including the Title IX documents.

Section 4           The Secretary shall record, report, and maintain minutes of all meetings of the general membership and provide copies to all members of the Executive Committee. The Secretary shall perform other related duties as delegated.

V. Meetings

Section 1           Meetings shall be conducted at Sequoyah High School unless otherwise notified.

Section 2           The organization will hold monthly meetings during the period the activity is in season or as deemed necessary by the organization or the executive committee.

Section 3           Meetings are open to all, but only dues-paying members are entitled to vote.

VI. Amendments

Section 1           The constitution and by-laws may be amended at any regular meeting of the organization by a majority vote of members present, provided the proposed amendment was submitted in writing at a previous regular meeting.

  The head coach(es) has the final say in any changes of the constitution or by-   laws. Any change in the by-laws must have final approval by the Principal and Athletic Director.

VII. Financial Management

Section 1           Booster Club must use a general check request system for disbursement of funds.

Section 2           Booster Club must use a general Deposit Verification system to support all funds deposited into account.

Section 3           On a monthly basis, the bank statements, credit card statement, and the booster club check register are to be reviewed and signed by booster club President and Treasurer, as well as the Head Coaches.  All of the above mentioned documents should be submitted to the Athletic Director’s secretary on the 15th of each month.  Any discrepancies should be handled immediately.

Section 4           Annual coaches’ gifts and/or extra pay, not to exceed limits permitted by Cherokee County School District, may be distributed at the discretion of the Executive Committee. 

Section 5           Annual Lay Coach gifts, as directed by the Head Coach and Sequoyah Athletic Office, may be distributed at the discretion of the Executive Committee; not to exceed limits permitted by Cherokee County School District. 

Section 6           Booster Club will not be permitted to issue or carry any type of debit card associated with a Booster Club account. If your bank has issued one or more of these cards, please cease using and destroy them immediately.  Debit and ATM cards circumvent existing internal controls and therefore can easily lead to misuse or fraud without the knowledge of the Executive Committee.  CCSD, its schools, and Booster Clubs are held to a very high degree of accountability, which sometimes means they have to operate in a way that may not be the most convenient or efficient, but it will keep people out of trouble.



  1. Special committees may be appointed for specific purposes at any time and may be discharged upon completion of the objective.

  1. No activity, program or policy of this booster organization shall be employed to influence or control the athletic coaches or extracurricular sponsors for the Sequoyah High School activities.

  1. Any request for monies from the organization must first be cleared with the head coaches.

  1. The booster organization must adhere to the following Cherokee County Board of Education guidelines as outlined in the Athletic Handbook.

  1. Booster club exists only to support the school and its program.

  1. The core year’s budget should be developed by the head coach, reviewed by the executive committee then passed by a majority vote, at either the last regular meeting the preceding year or the first regular meeting of the current year.

  1. Any non-budgeted/ misc. expenses under $200.00 can be purchased with the approval of the treasurer and one more member of the executive committee.

  1. Any expenses over $200.00 must be approved by the executive committee/Head Coaches.

  1. All fundraisers and projects to be conducted by the booster club must have prior written approval of the Principal or designee.

  1. All gifts or donations given by the booster club become property of Sequoyah High School.

  1. The Principal and Athletic Director shall receive a copy of the year’s financial report after completion of the season/banquet.



  • Operate with one general fund. This is an absolute requirement. All income should be deposited into this fund, and all expenses paid from it.

  • Do not keep records on the side. Beware of keeping records that could give the appearance that special benefit is given to any student.  These records could include hours students worked in fundraisers, points awarded to students for participation in fundraisers, or credit for dollars that students brought into the organization.  This type of tracking can lead to IRS problems.

  • Provide a detailed treasurer’s report in writing identifying all income and expenses at each monthly booster club meeting.

  • ALWAYS Provide Receipts!

  • ALWAYS pay with a check!  Do not use cash on hand (concessions sales, dues collected, etc.) to pay an expense or reimburse another member for expenses incurred. 

  • NEVER give a signed blank check to anyone!  Always completely fill in the check with date, payee, amount and purpose.

  • NEVER deposit Booster funds in a personal account.  Comingling of funds is never an appropriate action.

  • Do not take Booster funds home overnight.  Deposit funds in the bank immediately.  If that is not possible, give the funds to a school administrator for safe keeping. 

  • Have the bank statement addressed to the President but mailed to the school.  The president should always open, review and initial the statement prior to forwarding to the Treasurer for processing.  Look for anomalies such as cash withdrawals, undocumented expenditures, non-cash deposits and report them to the Treasurer for more analysis. 

  • Hire a Certified Public Accountant. It is recommended that all booster organizations keep an accountant on retainer.  An accountant will bring expertise to the table and will be able to steer the organization in the right direction.  As booster leaders rotate into and out of the organization, the accountant will provide continuity in financial leadership.  Have your accountant review the organization’s books quarterly or semi-annually, and ask her to help you file financial documents required by the IRS, the state government, and other entities.

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