Sequoyah High School Sideline Cheerleading Constitution

With any honor comes a certain degree of responsibility. The honor of representing Sequoyah
High School requires that a cheerleader maintain a conscientious attitude always, both in
extracurricular and academic activities. Cheerleading must be the priority over other
extracurricular responsibilities. The rules and regulations of this constitution will serve as a
guideline to help each cheerleader successfully meet the responsibilities required in the
cheerleading program.

Section I: Program Expectations (This includes all teams at all levels)

1.While in uniform, per GHSA rules and regulations, you are not allowed to wear jewelry; this
includes body piercings such as belly rings, ear, nose rings, brow, etc.). Remember body piercing
is a violation of school rules. No jewelry is allowed! No abnormally colored hair – this is at
the discretion of the coach and athletic director. For safety reasons, no hair extensions are
allowed – it is considered illegal by the Georgia High School Athletic Association. Nails are to be
cut short; this is a safety issue and must be adhered to strictly. Nails can NOT be painted a
color, but clear polish is permissible.

2. Cheerleaders must meet all the eligibility requirements of GHSA. You are a student first. If a
cheerleader receives a below average progress report in any subject, the cheerleader is to receive
extra help in that subject and notify the coach of his/her progress. All coaches have access
to your grades; eligibility is checked at the end of each grading period.

3. Cheerleaders are subject to all rules and regulations of Sequoyah High School. They must also
follow the guidelines and procedures of the Sequoyah High School Athletics and the Sequoyah
High School Cheerleading Constitution.

4. Cheerleaders are representatives of Sequoyah High School and should conduct themselves in
an appropriate manner and uphold the integrity and character of the school, and the athletic
and cheerleading programs.

5. SHS Cheerleaders will not be involved in any incident involving alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or
engage in any illegal activity. Violation of any of these rules will result in benching for a period
or dismissal from the team, to be determined by the coaching staff.
6. Cheerleaders will maintain an online presence that exemplifies good character and integrity.
SHS Cheerleaders will not post anything to social media that reflects negatively on themselves
or the cheerleading program.

7. Cheerleaders are expected to respect the coaching staff and each other as teammates and work
coherently as a group. Arguing with the coaches and/or within the squad will not be tolerated. If
the attitude or conduct of any cheerleader should have a negative effect on the team or school,
the coach will hold a conference with the cheerleader. If the negative behavior persists, the
cheerleader will be suspended until further notice. Should the behavior continue beyond the
suspension, the cheerleader will be permanently dismissed from the squad.

8. At no time is work, a party, a concert, or any event of this nature excused to miss practices,
games, or competitions. The coach will determine what excuses are appropriate and

inappropriate at the time of the event. Un-notified and/or inappropriate absence from a
practice, game or pep rally will result in a conference with the coach and consequences will be
determined by the coach.

9. It is an expectation that all cheerleaders participate in fund-raising events for the
cheerleading program. Cheerleading is an expensive sport and unfortunately, the fees that you
are charged for each team does not cover the total expense of the season. Fundraisers will be
used to cover the costs of things such as banquet awards, homecoming shirts, extra bows,
transportation to games/competitions, etc.

10. Cheerleaders are not to be pregnant during the time they are on the squad at Sequoyah High

11. If you are suspended from school or have alternative school, you will not be allowed to cheer
or attend practice. Subsequent disciplinary action may follow such as suspension or removal
from the squad.

12. If your behavior at practices, games, competitions or in the classroom is inappropriate,
disciplinary action will occur. Remember, you represent SHS both in and out of
uniform. If a cheerleader decides she is unable to fulfill her duties as an SHS Cheerleader and
quits during a season, if she participates on more than one squad, she will forfeit her position
on all squads she is a member of.

13. Uniforms are the property of Sequoyah High School. DO NOT ALTER UNIFORMS. If it is
altered without permission, you will be required to pay for the uniform. Uniforms are to be
cleaned after each game/competition along with your shoes. Do not iron the uniforms. Do not
dry clean. You are to wear the uniform for all games, competitions and pep rallies. Do not roll
your warm up pants down to expose your stomach. You will be disciplined if you do this as this
is a dress code violation.

14. If your uniform is not returned promptly following the end of the season, you will be charged
with a debt and you will not be allowed to attend the end of the year banquet. Uniforms cost
approximately $250 to replace. Please keep them looking clean and smelling fresh each time
you wear it. Make sure to wash your uniform and be cautious of deodorant stains. All uniforms
should be returned folded in a gallon sized zip-lock bag labelled with your name on it, to the
respective coach that coaches that team.

15. Cheerleaders are required to be at every practice and cheerleading event, including games.
Unexcused absences from games are grounds for dismissal.

Football Sideline Cheerleaders:

1.All Football Sideline cheerleaders are expected to attend all scheduled practices/games/pep
rallies. Practice/game/pep rally schedules will be provided to each cheerleader in advance.
Practice begins promptly at 3:30 and all cheerleaders should be on time, dressed in designated
practice wear, and stretched. The coach of the squad must be notified by e-mail or message, at
least two hours prior to the beginning of practice if a cheerleader is going to miss a practice. The
coach of a squad must be notified by email or message at least five hours prior to the beginning

of a game if a cheerleader is going to be absent from a game. Notification of missing
practice/game/pep rally does not guarantee an absence will be excused.

2. All practices, games and pep rallies are mandatory. If a cheerleader misses a game, practice or
pep rally for an unexcused reason, the cheerleader will receive 3 demerits. Excused absences
include death in the family or sickness with a doctor’s note. All other absences will be left to the
discretion of the coaches to decide if the absence is excused or unexcused.

3. If a cheerleader has a doctor note excusing her from participating in practice, she is still
required to dress out and attend practices/games/pep rallies.

4. All members of the black football sideline squad should arrive to the cheer room at 5:15pm
for freshman and JV games. All members of the gold football sideline squad should arrive to the
cheer room at 4pm for away games. All members of the gold and black football sideline squads
should arrive to the cheer room at 6pm for home varsity games. Cheerleaders should arrive fully
dressed, hair up (with bow), make-up (if she chooses to wear any) done, and ready to go.

5. It is the responsibility of the entire team to transport megaphones, pompoms, run through
banner, cooler, flags, or any necessary items added by the cheerleading coaches down to the
football stadium. It is also the responsibility of the entire team to return these items to the cheer
room after the game. Each cheerleader will complete the job assigned to them before a game.
Jobs will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis for who arrives to the cheer room first on
the game day.

6. We will always present ourselves as a unified team. Part of that is being dressed alike on the
sideline. All cheerleaders are expected to bring their rain jackets, fleece, and black leggings to
every game. Be prepared for rain and cold weather. If a cheerleader does not bring these items
and they are needed, that cheerleader will sit out for the remainder of the game.

7. All cheerleaders, per GHSA rules, are required to wear their hair the appropriate way decided
by the coach.

8. All sideline cheerleaders are expected to attend a summer camp at Sequoyah High School
where sideline cheers and band dances will be taught, signs for the season will be painted, and
stunt groups will be determined. These dates will be given out in advance.

9. All cheerleaders will be back in their lineups at least TWO minutes before the buzzer to begin
the second half of the football game.

10. There will be no eating while on the track. Cheerleaders may only have water in a plastic or
black/gold water bottle while cheering.

11. No cell phone use will be permitted during the playing minutes of the game. Cell phones are
to be put away after 30 minutes prior to kick off and are only permitted to be out of the
cheerleader’s bag at halftime. No cell phone use will be permitted during camp, practice, or pep
rally time.

12. Any inappropriate conduct on the bus or at school will result in disciplinary consequences as
deemed appropriate by coaches.

13. All cheerleaders are to be respectful to coaches and teammates.

14. Cheerleaders are expected to participate to the best of her ability at all practices, pep rallies
and games. This includes smiling, having sharp motions, staying in line, and saying the
cheers/chants loudly.

15. Demerits will be used as a disciplinary tool. They will be given by the discretion of the
coach/coaches. Breaking any of the listed rules above will result in demerits. Merits start over on
a weekly basis but demerits accumulate over time. The number of merits each cheerleader has
will determine the order of how the line ups are made. Any cheerleader with 3 or more demerits
will sit out, in uniform, for the first half of her next varsity game. Any cheerleader with 5 or more
demerits will sit out, in uniform, for the entire duration of her next varsity game. Any
cheerleader with 8 demerits will result in a 1 week suspension and 1 week alternate’s week from
the squad. Suspension means not attending any team function for 1 week. Upon resuming team
activities, the member will become an alternate for one week and be ineligible to perform in
game. After completion of the “Alternate’s Week,” the member can resume regularly scheduled
activities. Any cheerleader on the gold squad with 10 or more demerits accumulated throughout
the season will not receive a varsity letter. Any cheerleader with two suspensions or 12 demerits
will be dismissed from the team.

16. One demerit will be given for:

1. Tardiness at any team activity.

2. Chewing gum in practice or in uniform.

5. Disrespect toward Coach or teammates

7. Inappropriate practice uniform.

a. This would include any piece of the uniform.

b. This would also include inappropriate hair.

8. Forgotten props or accessories.

Three demerits will be given for:

1. Unexcused absence at practice.

2. Use of inappropriate language in uniform.

3. Gossiping in uniform.

Five demerits will be given for:

1. In school suspension

2. Inappropriate social media activity

Additional demerits not listed above can be given at the discretion of the coach/coaches.

One merit will be given for every positive behavior that the cheerleader has in the program.

Merits can be earned by volunteering for cheerleading opportunities in the community, helping

teammates, encouraging teammates, being a leader, taking on extra cheerleading

responsibilities, helping out beyond the expectations, etc.

Merits not listed above can be given at the discretion of the coaches.